Experience the satisfaction of helping children in need. CASA volunteers are ordinary people who do extraordinary things for our community’s most vulnerable children. By dedicating 3-4 hours per week, every CASA volunteer makes a difference in the life of a child. Learn more about becoming a CASA volunteer with CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties.

CASA Jeffco/Gilpin Needs Volunteers Like You!

Looking forward to a meaningful way to volunteer in Jefferson County or Gilpin County in Colorado? Dedicated, highly trained volunteers are the cornerstone of CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties’ (CASA Jeffco/Gilpin) program. They perform a key role in breaking the cycle of child abuse.

“I think my greatest reward from being a CASA volunteer is knowing that in some small way, I’ve helped plant seeds of hope in the life of a child.  Simple, but true.” –Jodi Gault

CASA Jeffco/Gilpin relies on over 200 volunteers, but we need many more. There simply are not enough CASA volunteers to go around – only 34% of cases typically are covered. Studies show that children who are assigned a CASA volunteer have fewer relocations in foster placement and end up in safe, permanent homes more quickly than children without CASA volunteers.

CASA Jeffco/Gilpin volunteers:

  • Are appointed officers of the court
  • Work alongside attorneys and case workers
  • Visit children weekly to provide support and guidance
  • Talk to teachers, neighbors, doctors, and case workers
  • Compile information about their cases
  • Report back to judges on a regular basis

Perhaps, more importantly, CASA volunteers offer a consistent and caring adult presence in the lives of the children they serve.

CASA Volunteer Requirements

Because CASA volunteers are assigned to just one or two cases at a time, they develop meaningful relationships with children in crisis–children who are often overlooked.

CASA volunteers must be at least 21 years old and pass a background check. CASA volunteers receive 30-40 hours of training before they are assigned to a case, which lasts on average 18 months.  The next CASA volunteer training is scheduled for January/February 2018.

Right now there is a child in your community who needs your help! You can be the difference, become a CASA volunteer!

For information about CASA Jeffco/Gilpin’s upcoming training opportunities, please contact Kathy Drulard at 303.271.6537, Kathy@CASAJeffcoGilpin.com or Heather Tooker at 303.271.6542, Heather@CASAJeffcoGilpin.com.

How to Apply to Become a CASA Volunteer

Apply to become a CASA volunteer with CASA Jeffco/Gilpin, following these easy steps:

  1. Download and read the CASA volunteer job description to gain a full understanding of the role.
  2. Download the upcoming January/February training schedule and tentatively mark your calendar.
  3. Complete the CASA Volunteer Application.
  4. If you have questions, contact Kathy Drulard at 303.271.6537 or Heather Tooker at 303.271.6542.
  5. Submit the application to: Fax 303.271.6547 or Address: CASA Jeffco/Gilpin, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 1536, Golden, CO 80401
    *Please note that all prospective volunteers need to submit an application and complete the interview process prior to being invited to training.