CASA Jeffco/Gilpin is fortunate to have the support of dedicated volunteers. Learn why they are CASA volunteers.More than 87,000 people in communities nationwide are CASA volunteers. In Jefferson and Gilpin counties, three-quarters of our 240-plus group of volunteers are over the age of 40. About one-quarter are 21 to 39 years old. They include teachers, accountants, librarians, retirees and homemakers.

Why do they volunteer?

  • “I think my greatest reward from being a CASA volunteer is knowing that in some small way, I’ve helped plant seeds of hope in the life of a child.  Simple, but true.” –Jodi Gault
  • “I continue to volunteer for CASA because the children that we serve don’t have a choice whether to be in the system and they need a voice.  I love that as a CASA you are able to really get to know a child and then walk along side that child through their life, the court process, visitations with parents, school activities, placement changes, sports, foster homes and adoption.  It is so important that we follow the child until permanency is achieved.” –Carol Stiehr
  • “My motivation has always been to improve the lives of others; to encourage youth, motivate those who need assistance, inspire hope for the future and give aid to child victims who cannot speak for themselves.  My satisfaction comes from knowing that I have made a difference in an abused or neglected child’s life.” –Tom Ashe

Meet Our Volunteers

Foster Care Coordinator, Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Jodi has been a volunteer advocate for CASA Jeffco/Gilpin for ten years.  During that time, she has advocated for the best interests of child abuse victims in six cases, involving 12 children. Read more…


During the six years that Carol Stiehr has been a volunteer for CASA Jeffco/Gilpin, she has advocated for the best interests of abused and neglected children in five cases, involving 11 children. Read more…


Tom has been a CASA volunteer for three years, serving in different capacities for CASA Jeffco/Gilpin. His first case involved… read more