Your investment in CASA Jeffco/Gilpin will help provide what every child deserves; a safe, permanent home and the best possible chance at a hopeful future.

When you give to CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties, your gift directly impacts the lives of our community's most vulnerable children. From monetary donations to in-kind contributions, your support helps us reach our mission to provide hope for children who suffer abuse and neglect.

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More Ways to Donate

Donate directly from your IRA account:

Normally, distributions from a traditional IRA are taxable when received. With a qualified charitable donation, these distributions become tax-free as long as they’re paid directly from the IRA to CASA. Reach out to your financial planner today and make your donation! As an added bonus, if you are older than 72, your donation will count towards your required minimum distribution for the year.

Sign Up For Workplace Giving or Company Match

Many companies offer employee giving campaigns or will match charitable donations. Inquire with your employer about workplace giving and company matches. If your employer does not offer this and you think that they should, contact us and we can send them information to get started!

Start your own CASA fundraising campaign:

Share your passion for CASA by starting and promoting your own fundraising campaign through Colorado Gives 365. Peer-to-peer fundraising will help CASA reach new donors, spread awareness, and fund our vital programs and services. Go to and click on Fundraise to get started. Reach out to Laura at if you need assistance.

Remember CASA in Your Endowments and Bequests

Add CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties to documents you already have in place, or plan to put in place. Contact us for more information.

Donate all or some of your state tax refund directly to CASA:

Once you have determined that you will get a Colorado refund, you will use the “Voluntary Contributions” schedule to choose an eligible nonprofit. Look for the new additional option of “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund” on that schedule and insert all three of the following:

  • CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties
  • Our CCSA Registration Number: 20033002596 (Both name and number are required)
  • Amount of donation

Note: Different tax filing software programs (like TurboTax) will display prompts for tax filers getting refunds in various ways, look for “Donate to a Colorado Fund.” If you are using a tax preparer, like H&R Block or a CPA, you will need to inform the tax preparer to include the nonprofit’s name, CCSA registration number and amount.

Take Advantage of the Colorado’s Child Care Contribution Credit

Colorado has created a unique state tax credit designed to encourage greater private contributions promoting child care throughout our state. The benefits of the Child Care Credit supplement, rather than replace, the tax benefits already in place at the state and federal levels. That is, a donor may still claim the federal charitable deduction and the state charitable deduction, with the Child Care Credit reducing any remaining state tax on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

When a donation is made to CASA Jefferson & Gilpin Counties, the Child Care Contribution Credit may allow a donor to claim a tax credit equal to 50% of the total donation, up to $100,000. See example of a donation to CASA Jeffco/Gilpin below.


Contribution $250 $600 $1,200 $1,500 $2,400
Colorado Child Care Credit ($125) ($300) ($600) ($750) ($1,200)
Additional Colorado Tax benefit of charitable donation for itemizers ($12) ($28) ($55) ($71) ($110)
Total Colorado tax savings ($137) ($328) ($655) ($821) ($1,310)
Federal Tax benefit of charitable donation for itemizers, net of reduced state income tax deduction ($38) ($90) ($180) ($227) ($359)
Total Tax Saving $175 $418 $835 $1,048 $1,669
After Tax Cost of Gift to CASA $75 $182 $365 $452 $731

This is not tax-advice. Illustration only, please consult with your tax advisor.

  • Figures in the table are based on a 33% federal income tax bracket and ignore AMT.
  • In-kind contribution, including stock, property or any non-monetary donations are not eligible.
  • CASA Jeffco/Gilpin Tax ID # – 84-1530736

For information about making a stock donation or about an annual sponsorship of CASA Jeffco/Gilpin events, contact Laura Powers at

Thank you to our annual Star Sponsors!